‘I think the workshop about Macbeth was great. We had lots of fun and learnt a play’
Oliver – Year 5 student

‘It got everyone on their feet and feeling enthusiastic about the play’
Daniel – Year 5 student

‘I would love to do it again or do it with other plays!’
Eunice – Year 5 student

‘The Baz workshop was really useful. I learnt a lot about rhyme, rhythm and language in Shakespeare. I will definitely be able to use this when working on my own performance.’
Karina – Year 11 student

‘The Baz workshop was great. The workshop leaders were really fun and helped me to develop focus on stage. This is something that I need to work on for my GCSE practical exams. It was an excellent experience.’
Jade - Year 11 student

‘We focused on the structure of Shakespearean language and how to use our voice effectively. I had fun and I am now able to apply the new techniques I learnt in new situations. This is something I can also use when I go onto Drama at A level.’
Aaliyah - Year 11 student

‘The session was pitched right at the level of the students and they were engaged throughout the session. The story was conveyed in a simplistic way and they were asked to help tell the story and act it out. They were engaged in acting and discussion throughout. The session got the students thinking and predicting in many areas and they were very enthusiastic during the session. This enthusiasm continued into the classroom and the workshop provided a platform for further exploration of the story of Macbeth, the characters and the issues that arose. It was a great introduction to Shakespeare and I would recommend a session like this to anyone who wants their students to be eased into the wonderful world of Shakespeare.’
- Mr Butler, Year 5 Teacher, Boutcher School

‘The session was particularly process driven and enabled students to see the importance of rehearsal and detailed character exploration. The company planned the workshop around the needs of the school, with a focus on approaching text and activities were scaffolded and well-structured to allow students to build on existing subject knowledge. Reflection and evaluation was embedded within the session and this was particularly valuable in ensuring students could make links with their own GCSE work. It also reinforced the use of transferrable skills such as team work, commitment and creativity. Our GCSE students are at present working in small groups in preparation for their practical GCSE Drama examination in April and this workshop has given them confidence in using a number of rehearsal techniques to assist them in exploring text, character and status. One group have now decided to actually use the extract taken from Macbeth as part of their devised performance showing that they have developed confidence in using complex Shakespearean verse ... It was particularly inspiring to watch students that would normally struggle with complex textual analysis actually embracing this opportunity. One particularly challenging student was motivated and keen to lead others in a number of the activities.’
Caroline Frost, Head of Drama, Harris Academy, Bromley